My Outreach and Media Events


2023-05-19 Swinbourne University of Technology, Melbourne (Astrotour)
Indigenous School Group
2023-05-09: VSSEC Work Experience Day (Talk/Presentation)
I spoke to 8 year 10 students doing work experience with VSSEC about the cosmic distance ladder.
The slides can be found here
2023-03-30 Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne (CAS Public Lecture Series)
Public Talk: “The Hubble Tension: What are we doing about one of the biggest crises in astronomy?


2022-08-19: Ballarat Grammer School, Ballarat
I spoke with about 70 prep students (5-6 year olds) about the Sun and if it was alive and answered their questions about the sun and space.
2022-05-27: Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne (CAS Public Lecture Series)
Public Talk: “A How To Guide To Simulating the Universe”
2022-04-06: ABC Radio Sydney, Afternoons with James O’Loghlin, (Live Radio)
Talked about Hubble observations of a new planet that challenges our model of planet formation.
2022-03-29: Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne (AstroTour)
Hawthorn Joey Scouts


2021-05-28: Pod of Science (Podcast)
Episode: ‘Seeing’ the Plasma Between Galaxies
2021-04-23: Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne (CAS Public Lecture Series)
Public Talk: “Intergalactic space, fast radio bursts and the hunt for the missing matter”


2020-08-29: Astro in the Home, Astro 3D (Youtube Video)
Diffraction spikes and Origami Stars
2020-08-22: Immersive Science IV, SciVR (Livestream)
Behind the stream, question answerer.
2020-05-13: PintAU 2020: Pint of Science Online (Livestream Panel)
Public Talk/Livestream: “What’s the matter?”
2020-03-14: Mt. Burnett Observatory Open Day
Hands on demonstrations and stalls promoting ASTRO 3D science.


2019-07-28 Swinburne University of Technology (Astro Tour)
Public Astro Tours for Swinburne Open Day
2019-06-28: ABC Radio, The World Today (Radio)
Talked about NASA announcing they are sending a dragonfly probe to Saturns largest moon
2019-04-09: Astrolight Festival, Scienceworks, Melbourne (OzGrav)
Helped run the Ozgrav stand and provided VR demonstrations.


2018-10-15 to 2018-10-26: ASTRO 3D Uluru Astronomer in Residence
Two weeks as Astronomer in Residence at Voyages Ayes Rock Resort
2018-08-16: Immersive Science II, SciVR, Mountain Goat Brewery
Show volunteer and assistant.
2018-05-12: Deeker Darker Brighter, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery (Art Exhibition)
WOrked with artists Carolyn Lewens and Pamela Bain on astronomy and space themed art exhibition.


2017-05-27: Macquarie University (Macquarie University Astronomy Open Night)
Public Talk: “Death Stars and Vengeful Planets”


2015-10-13: Australia Astronomical Observatory and Anglo-Australian Telescope (Outreach Materials)
Worked with Dr. Amanda Bauer to revamp the outdated AAO and AAT outreach materials
2015-08-15: Castle Towers, Sydney
National Science Week Pop-Up Exhibit